Summer!! :D 05-13-10 22:54
Finished my last exam today! Summer is here. Yay.
School. 05-11-10 10:44
Yay. I'm almost done with school. 2 more days of tests and then summer is here. I'm only getting half a summer tho. I fly back to the Philippines at the end of this month. Yay bangus, and adobo. :D
Crap. 05-01-10 18:15
I had an old roommate that was a douche to his girlfriend. He dumped her because she has HPV and that means that its hard to conceive a kid. She may get cervical cancer. They were together for 2 years and he dumped her because she can't have a kid. The effed up part is that he gave her HPV.

I was doing some research on it and it turns out you can get it by touching a thing that the HPV positive person has if their hands are dirty. He's a guy so if he doesn't wash his hands after he pees then the doorknob to the bathroom gets infected and other things that he touches. Shit. I could've gotten HPV just by living with him. This is not good. I'm extremely ticked off and worried.
04-27-10 09:40
I went to my aunts this weekend somewhere in Illinois. After being my cousin for 2 days, I realized that I do not want to teach children under the age of 12 if I even end up teaching.
04-22-10 05:37
Cheerios do not taste good D:
04-17-10 22:34
I was on facebook just a few minutes ago. I say the picture of a guy I used to date, B. He was with this gorgeous girl.

To B: I'm sorry for ignoring you when I moved to the US. The summer when we hung out was fun and I really liked you. You just got on my nerves calling all the time. I'm sorry that I didn't reply it was my way of coping with moving to an entirely new place. I'm glad you have moved on and found a beautiful girl to date. I hope she treats you way better then I did. You guys really do fit. I hope you forgive me (even though you'll never read this). I'm not sure I can forgive myself yet.

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?

Oh-lay! Kel is funny. "Wanna see my secret place?" XD Ahh. Quality bad movies. It takes me back to the old nickelodeon shows. Kenan and Kel, Catdog, the one with the wallaby whatshisface, as well as the scaredy dog guy.

I just turned 20 and sometimes I wish that I'd be able to go back to my early teens. Back then life wasn't so disappointing. What happened? I grew up and lost that part of me.

"I'm a dude. He's a dude. She's a dude. We're all dudes yeah!"
"Sure makes burgers nice and enormal! "

D just got back from sub woofer shop. He's an intern and probably going to get a summer job there. I think C is getting really jealous. He's an intern there too.

Well I'm going to cook some spam and rice. yummy.
Oh, truly, truly. 04-13-10 00:31
"Am I going to fast for you?"
"Nah, go faster. That way at least when you crash I'll die. I don't want to be kept alive artificially." ---- Yes Man.

I wish that I would have watched this movie during my youngin' years. The lessons taught would have helped me then and now. For example, saying yes. It would have helped my self esteem and being not as cautious as I am now. Oh well. Haha. It's still a good movie anyways. :D

DDR!!! Hahaha. I forgot about that part of the movie. Man, that was fun. [Jim Carey is legit.] It's not as popular here (USofA) compared to the Philippines.

I miss home.
Hello, 04-13-10 00:16
Hello my name is philippe. I'm new to elowel. I'm Philippe. I like to grill. Thank yah-know-who for not winter.